Why this camPAIGN?

The BC AWARE Campaign 2020 for Privacy & Security Awareness Manifesto

ISACA Vancouver’s 2020 BC privacy & security awareness campaign entitled ‘The BC AWARE Campaign 2020″ is a sequel to the momentum and level of cooperation the industry achieved in February 2014 with the success of BC Privacy & Security Awareness Day.  Once again, we are uniting Industry, Government and Higher Education to raise public awareness and foster the growth and development of the security and privacy professions.

We believe that ISACA Vancouver is well placed as an independent industry body and with the credibility to unite corporations, government, the media and the citizenry of BC to deliver a broad based information security & privacy awareness campaign for essentially all end-users in the province. In short, with the proliferation of mobile devices, personal networks and corporate networks are inextricably linked. Round the clock savviness is required by all.

The BC AWARE Campaign 2020 Objective:

The objective of The BC AWARE Campaign is to assemble like-minded IT security, privacy, governance, risk, and assurance organizations in BC to hold their own security, privacy or information risk awareness events in a coordinated fashion under a single ‘Calendar of Events’ during the period of January 20 to February 7, 2020.

The BC AWARE Campaign 2020 Mission:

To unify the various information technology, IT security, privacy, governance, and risk assurance organizations in British Columbia by creating a major privacy and security awareness initiative that each participating organization can embrace as its own. Through the cumulative, distributed efforts of all, we will be able to offer a grass roots-based, Made-in-BC series of events.

BC AWARE Campaign 2020 recognizes:

  1. That the privacy and security underlying our collective well-being is under attack like never before, in numerous ways, and evolving constantly.

  2. That an effective response to this reality will require no less than the efforts of industry, media, government, law enforcement, & BC’s citizens themselves to cooperate in new and creative ways.

  3. That corporate networks and personal networks share many of these threats, and that all may be subjected to hacking and theft of private and confidential information.

  4. That awareness and training is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the security posture of BC, not only of corporate and government networks, but also of home based networks.

  5. That British Columbians must be armed with the knowledge they need to protect their privacy and security online. Mobile phones, internet, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), cyberbullying, financial fraud, etc.

  6. That political leaders can take a leadership role and demonstrate their support for the continuous education of privacy and security issues for the benefit of the public good.

  7. That more young people should choose a career in security and privacy in this province, and that ISACA has a part to play in raising funds and awareness in this area.