Commander (Navy) Kristof Langland, N6/J6 -  ACOS CIS, Communication and Information Systems, Maritime Forces Pacific Department of National Defence

Commander (Cdr) Kristof Langland was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and was educated wholly in Canada while growing up in the family of a professor of computer science. Regaling in all that background technology, Kris prepared for a career in the Canadian Armed Forces by spending as much time above, on and below the water level as he possibly could  - with a keyboard in his hands.

Joining the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in January 1985, Kris successfully completed his training as a Naval Warfare Officer and proceeded to Halifax, NS and joined his first operational ship, HMCS IROQOUIS. Kris has been formally educated and trained in the Information Warfare domain and is a seasoned Naval Officer who has completed several sub specialties in his career, in key Information Technology and Service Management employment areas. He has gathered over 15 years deployed as part of Canadian missions abroad, which include but are not limited to cold war operations, NATO missions and training and development opportunities such as the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise.

In his career Kris has worked with experts from all over the world, including Communications Research Canada, Defense Research and Development Canada, local and international business, academia, militaries from Europe and the Middle East as well as living abroad embedded in a foreign military. He is one of a handful of cyber experienced officer’s in the Canadian Armed Forces, leading several cyber capability development projects for the Director General Cyber for the past six years in Ottawa.

Kris is currently employed as Maritime Forces Pacific - Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications and Information Systems, advising and managing the Admirals’ organic communications and information systems architecture, both at sea and ashore for the West Coast of Canada. He has managed many projects throughout his career which include the corporate and operational use of biometric data, the development of a federated networking capability, the development of a data centric architecture and the writing of two international standards on data labelling and data binding.

Outside of work Kris manages a blended family of 5 children with his wife Maxine which includes two German Shepherds and an aging Border Collie. Max and Kris are avid divers, campers, canoeists, travelers and wanderers and are in the process of renovating an older airstream trailer to fulfill some fairly significant retirement plans.