Cybersecurity Analytics - Leveraging the Vital Arterial Pulse Wave that Flows through your Network

These days we hear about companies announcing they’ve been breached far too often. As systems become increasingly connected due to IoT and other technology trends, defending them has become harder and harder.

The key to stopping hackers in their tracks is data – lots and lots of data.

Organizations are turning to cyber analytics to retain their information advantage by analyzing their unique network and business contextual data in real time to identify anomalous patterns of activity that in the past would have gone undetected.  Now an organization can spot hacks and significantly increase their mean-time-to-detect and respond to the threat by leveraging the network as a sensor and enforcer.

Cybersecurity is at an inflection point resembling the conditions which lead to investigative advances in medicine and how advanced analytics can lead to better outcomes for cyber defenders.


Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Raymond, Director, Network Visibility & Enforcement Solutions


Jonathan Raymond is Director of Network Visibility and Enforcement Solutions at Cisco Canada.  Jonathan has held senior leadership roles within leading cybersecurity software, professional consulting,  and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) organizations. 

With over 17 years in the Cybersecurity industry, Jonathan has been a primary contributor on many high profile, complex and/or critical IT security projects within North America’s largest Financial Institutions, oil and gas, electricity generation, transmission and distribution, healthcare, transportation, retail, national defense, and all levels of large public sector entities including law enforcement. 

Jonathan’s experience as a leader in cyber security for large enterprise includes a broad range of proficiency including: cyber analytics, incident response & forensics, vulnerability and threat research, software & mobile security, governance, risk and compliance, industrial control system and embedded security, and identity and access management. 

Jonathan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bishop’s University. He is an active member of his local community, a devoted father and supporter of a number of charitable organizations on an ongoing basis.