Pervasive Cybersecurity from the Endpoint to the Cloud - How Cisco Protects Itself

The era of "digitization” is rapidly changing everything in our world. Approximately 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. At Cisco, we “Securely Connect Everything to Make Anything Possible.” We are disrupting our own digitaland innovate with greater agility – and we help our customers navigate the disruption (changing business models) within their own businesses.

The imperative to digitize products, services, and business models to empower competitiveness and bottom-line growth is clearly recognized and cybersecurity is the vital foundation for enabling digital growth strategies.

Organizations without a strong cybersecurity strategy are more likely to delay, or worse, fail to innovate and digitize impacting their growth and competitiveness. Security should be viewed as a business enabler, not an obstacle to success. The number of security events Cisco sees in its network on a daily basis demonstrates the need for a comprehensive approach to security across the network.

To be successful in delivering pervasive security across the enterprise, and particularly as organizations move their critical applications and sensitive data into the cloud, a close partnership between IT, InfoSec and our Lines-of-Business is needed to keep the business running and reduce risk. A holistic and balanced approach to security is required. Traditional defense is giving way to pervasive security with greater visibility and the ability to instrument the network to scope, contain and remediate threats and attacks no matter where our applications reside.

Please join Sujata Ramamoorthy, CSO, Cisco Cloud Platforms who will share how Cisco’s protects using end-to-end security in a digital world.


Keynote Speaker: Sujata Ramaoorthy


Sujata Ramamoorthy is Director and Chief Security Officer for Cisco Cloud Platform and Services. Ramamoorthy and her global team of Information Security professionals partner across various teams in Security & Trust Organization, Services and Product teams driving our mission of trust and differentiation for Cloud. This includes building the right security capabilities in the Cloud Platform, capabilities we need to deliver and securely operate the cloud ecosystem, and representing security to our partners and customers.

Prior to her current role, Ramamoorthy led the Information Security practices for Cisco

Enterprise for 8 years during which time she and her team partnered with various Cisco IT and business functions to create and adopt the most effective security technologies, policies and practices that met the dynamically evolving business. In her leadership, the team executed on security strategies and practices that address today’s global trends, including the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), borderless collaboration experience, increasing adoption of Mobile-Cloud based applications, Global Network and Data Center transformation and Continuous Delivery. She co-led a multiyear, CIO-level, pervasive security initiative delivering advanced capabilities around Identity and Access, Data Security, Threat detection and containment while scaling the award winning Unified Security Metrics program across all of Cisco IT supported by key roles and competencies in IT such as Security Primes and Partner Security Architects.

Ramamoorthy regularly shares her experience and expertise on Information Security by participating in executive briefings to Cisco customers and industry conferences and forums, such as Cisco Live, Secure World, and Executive Womens Forum (EWF) on Security, Risk and Privacy. She serves on the advisory board for Secure World Bay Area and as a Content Committee member in EWF, sharing her real world experience to design and facilitate the events at the conferences. She and her team also partner with the product teams to be Cisco’s first and best customer shaping product requirements and continually improving the products to be enterprise and cloud ready. This in part helped Cisco IT win the Best Security Department of the Year 2014 Award from Info Security Products Guide.

Ramamoorthy’s experience at Cisco transcends both the business and technical realms, as she strives to generate innovation and business value for Cisco, its partners and customers. Prior to joining the Information Security team in 2007, she has held senior positions in technical services engineering, advanced services, and information technology at Cisco. Prior to joining Cisco in 2000, she held technical roles at Informix and Hewlett Packard Corporation, developing database kernel-level software, ERP systems, web- based CRM and Technical Support solutions. She holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Telecommunication.

Ramamoorthy has also received industry recognition for her leadership. She received the Gold Winner for the 2014 Women World Awards for Female Executive of the Year and the Golden Bridge Bronze Award for Security Woman Executive of the Year 2014.

Ramamoorthy lives in the Silicon Valley in California with her husband who is also a techie and two teen-aged children. She enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and music in her free time.