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IIA: Blockchaining - From a Technical and Business Value Perspective


Location: KPMG LLP Downtown Office, 4th Floor, 777 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver
Speaker: Eric Rae, Senior Manager, KPMG
CPEs Credits: 1 CPE Credit

Blockchaining offers a decentralised register of ownership by securely recording every transaction in the system. This technology has been in place for a while through cryto-currencies like BitCoin. But the potential for this decentralised register goes beyond this use. There is a potential to revolutionize the security of ownership for an enormous range of high value transactions. During this presentation KPMG will discuss the technical aspects of how Blockchains work, the current uses of Blockchaining and the potential opportunities from a customer, technology and regulatory perspective.


Eric Rae is a Senior Manager at KPMG and leads the Vancouver Cyber Security Services group. Eric has focused on Cyber Security Services for over 10 years and helps clients develop solutions and capabilities across people, process and technology layers to combat information security threats.

From ethical hacking to developing cyber security protection strategies, he advises various government and corporate IT organizations across several industries and empowers business managers to prepare, detect and respond to cyber threats and make the right decisions on how best to protect their digital assets.