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CyberSCI-Surrey Cyber Security Challenge

  • City Hall City of Surrey Canada (map)

Cyber Security | Challenge | Sécurité Informatique

Surrey area college and university undergraduate students will compete in a realistic cyber breach simulation – hands-on participation and analysis – and some students may receive intern positions with local IT Security companies.

Summary of Event Day:

The event day, January 25, includes Hacking in the morning, job interviews in the afternoon, and (usually) verbal offers for intern/co-op positions by end of day. 

  • Sponsors' technical managers or team-leads  should participate all day Saturday. 

  • The morning is a time to circulate and mentor students.  (We will give you instructions and answer sheets.)  It's really part of the interview process. 

  • The afternoon is for student interviews.

  • HR folks may be interested in observing in the morning.  Optional.

  • Most companies will have HR present for the afternoon interviews. 

  • Sponsor PR/Communications staff can attend any time if they want to take photos, video, or connect through social media with tweets or posts during the event.

  • The top-12 students from the morning competition will all be guaranteed a place in the interviews.  As well, the sponsors might "invite" 1 or 2 stronger students from the weaker teams to join the afternoon process.