Building an Intelligent Security Fabric

We live in a world of intelligence. Too long have we faced a swarm of data that seem like car alarms, ineffective to defense and prone to false positives. Networks need to be capable to defend themselves with haste, while working with humans to solve complex problems. We cannot win this war alone. The big data problem needs to be solved through a combination of strategic, tactical and operational automated intelligence. We face many threat campaigns, and a mounting problem of connected devices which is creating a perfect storm as we head to 2020 and beyond.

This talk will discuss the evolution of threat intelligence and discuss strategy for a new solution to this problem. This solution will examine how to speak, connect and integrate next generation indicators of compromise in order to build resilient networks.


Presented by derek manky, global security strategist, fortiguard labs

Derek Manky formulates security strategy with more than fifteen years of cyber security experience, his ultimate goal to make a positive impact towards the global war on cyber crime. Manky provides thought leadership to industry, and has presented research and strategy world-wide at premier security conferences. As a cyber security expert, his work has included meetings with leading political figures and key policy stakeholders, including law enforcement, who help define the future of cyber security. He is actively involved with several global threat intelligence initiatives including NATO NICP, INTERPOL Expert Working Group, the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) working committee and FIRST; all in effort to shape the future of actionable threat intelligence and proactive security strategy.

He works globally with the security industry and Computer Emergency Response (CERT) to connect the dots, streamlining mitigation advice and threat forecasts based on personal knowledge and a team of world class experts at Fortinet and FortiGuard Labs. This strategy is integrated into advanced technology frameworks to fight cyber attacks, while keeping clients secure. Manky directs vision of cyber security in conjunction with the evolving threat landscape. He designed a zero-day vulnerability disclosure framework, which has been reliably used for years to responsibly fix security issues before criminals discover and attack them.

Manky sits on a computing science advisory committee, and meets with universities to provide security industry input that he hopes will help shape the bright young minds of tomorrow. In effort to educate, he is regularly featured in top tier media and guest articles including, but not limited to CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, MSNBC, Wired, CSO, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Manky has also been recipient of CRN’s ‘Security Superstar’ award. He continues to dedicate his career to security, research and education.