Security Analytics Done Right

How effective security operations are using advanced analytics and automation

 In today’s threat landscape, it is no longer a question of “if” but “when” a breach will occur. This session will cover how the current state of the threat landscape has created a new shift in security initiatives focusing on preventative technologies to detection and response.

This shift requires the new fascinating, important and complex nature of machine learning, and methodologies, such as security automation and orchestration, to enable an organization an ability to leverage the use of security intelligence for expediting anomaly detection, threat determination threat detection and mitigation, based on past and current behavior.

The session will disclose the challenges in leveraging machine learning analytical techniques for identifying emerging threats and understanding “normal” as well as how to develop a program for security intelligence use with ability to assess organizational success and maturity.

Presented by: Seth Goldhammer, Senior Director, Product Management, LogRhythm

Seth Goldhammer.jpg

Seth Goldhammer is the Senior Director of Product Management at LogRhythm. He has over 15 years of experience working in the network management and security industry including starting Roving Planet where he helped design and build go-to-market strategies for the industry’s first network access control products.

Seth has served in product management roles at TippingPoint, 3Com, and HP Networking, and is responsible for collecting market requirements and speaking at customer events for LogRhythm.