Mobile Security

Based on research done in 2011, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association reported that over three-quarters of Canadians owned a mobile device, a number they expected would reach 100% in a few years. More specifically, a Google study last year estimated over half of Canadian adults – 56% — use a smartphone. Over 40 percent of smartphone users pick up their device before they get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Although tablets do not demand the same level of early-morning affection, their larger form factor makes them a clear winner for longer tasks.

While consumers are becoming more savvy and comfortable in improving their lives with mobile devices, the level of security knowledge has not kept pace with the explosive growth of device usage. Mobile users young and old are sharing bits and pieces of their personal information whenever they connect with their mobile devices. Malicious watchers of these tiny data leaks are skilled at analyzing and exploiting the information. If you or your loved ones are not consistently taking security precautions, you are losing control of your information and risking your safety.

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