Networking 101
Build and leverage the power of your network

You want a new job. Your first job. A customer contact. To learn a new skill.


We all have ideas as to what networking can do for us, but very few of us use the tools to their fullest extent. With tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook - networking is easier and more powerful than ever. Developing this skill and using it purposefully is one of the most versatile and important skill in any professional’s kit bag.

Michael Argast, founder of the Sky Northern Security Alliance, which is rapidly growing to become the largest association of independent security consultants and boutiques in Canada, will tell personal stories about how he’s used networking skills to: 

  • land new jobs
  • gain access to new clients
  • build a business
  • recruit talent to his organization
  • rapidly develop valuable skills and expertise

In addition to these stories Michael will provide you specific, recommended steps to build your networking skills and reputation. Student or working professionals alike will benefit from this session.

Presented bY:

Michael Argast, Sky Northern SECURITY ALLIANCE

Michael is an independent consultant offering security and business strategy advisory services. As part of his new business, Michael created the Sky Northern Security Alliance, a partnership of independent and boutique security consulting practices, working together to provide robust, end-to-end security services to clientele across North America.

Before starting his own company, Michael was the Director of Security Solutions for Western Canada at TELUS providing a wide ranging solutions from governance, risk and compliance consulting, PCI auditing, security technology acquisition and implementation, managed security services and security outsourcing. 

Previously, as Director, Global Sales Engineering at Sophos, Michael led a highly knowledgeable, global team responsible for advising customers on their security and control implementations, practices and policies. Some of Sophos’ largest customers - ranging from Fortune500 companies in the financial services, healthcare and telecom sectors, to large government and higher education organizations. 

A lengthy list of media outlets have sourced him as a security expert including: The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, USA Today, New York Times, Business Week, Forbes, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and CBC News. Michael speaks publicly on security topics regularly, from lectures at Oxford University to Infosecurity in Moscow, partner conventions in Phuket, Thailand and MBA students at Simon Fraser University.