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A recent study conducted by Deloitte Canada revealed that the cybersecurity community is overwhelmingly male. Other studies such as the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, identified that the gap between available qualified cybersecurity professionals and unfilled positions will widen to 1.8 million by 2022!

Closer to home, a recent study completed by Women in Tech World (WiTWorld), “The Discovery Foundation’s BC Gender Equity Roadmap” revealed that, in British Columbia (B.C.), only 20 per cent of the tech industry workforce is made up of women, which is well below the limited national average of 25 per cent. It doesn’t stop there, only 54% of BCs post-secondary students graduate in science and technology related degrees

In Metro Vancouver, we want to support women and support the industry.  We need diversity in thoughts, ideas, problem solving, and approach.  We need women to be a part of our industry if we are going to meet demand and enable Metro Vancouver’s public, private and academic sectors to realize the positive potential of technology. 

SheLeadsTech is an ISACA program that seeks to address the under-representation of women in technology related professions. Through the SheLeadsTech Vancouver program, the ISACA Vancouver Chapter is committed to engaging, developing and advancing women and the next generation of women in technology related careers.

The SheLeadsTech Vancouver program is divided into three streams:

  • Professional Women

  • Academic (College & University)

  • Young Girls (Primary & Secondary Education)


Our plan aims to:

  • Engage women in technology and our partners to support and advocate for change.

  • Empower women as leaders, role models and mentors in their fields.

  • Elevate the role of women in technology


Our plan aims to:

  • Engage students studying technology related courses at College or University.

  • Empower students exploring technology related roles in their chosen fields.

  • Elevate student profiles through ISACA and our partners to support, advocate for change and to set them up for early success. 

Young Girls

Our plan aims to:

  • Engage girls studying STEM subjects at school.

  • Empower girls exploring STEM related roles in their chosen subjects.

  • Elevate the profiles of young girls through ISACA and our partners to support, advocate for change and to set them up for early success.

By promoting the study of STEM at an early age with girls in schools, and sparking interest in technology careers with females in colleges and universities, we can prepare the next generation of female leadership.

We hope you will join us as we work to make a difference for everyone in tech!