Am I Secure?

The next few years will see the culmination of a number of significant communications changes. These include the development of the next 5G mobile network, the growth of end-point bandwidth along with the increasing connectivity of just about everything, and a major shift to virtualize the network and centralize the control plane.

These will bring amazing benefits but will also introduce complexity that will challenge a security profession that is still in evolution.

This presentation will talk about how TELUS manages these changes while delivering security through its Secure By Design philosophy. At the core of this is a focus on threat modeling in the early stages of development and the adoption of a security framework that helps mature the practice and answer the question “Am I Secure?”.


Keynote Speaker: Marc Kneppers, Chief security Architect

Marc Kneppers

Security was not the original plan. Marc started in Astrophysics, getting degrees from the University of Calgary and Western Ontario before finally quitting with his MSc to scrounge for money in the private sector. Luckily, the Internet was waiting. Starting as a UNIX system administrator and working his way through Internet services, dot coms and the core networking teams, Marc ended up as the Security prime for TELUS' core networks. With a nod to his 20 years of experience in IT/networking security Marc was appointed a TELUS Fellow and is now the Chief Security Architect for TELUS.

As Chief Security Architect, Marc has responsibilities for security oversight and strategy across all of TELUS' technologies and portfolios. He represents TELUS on Canadian national infrastructure forums and industry boards with membership in international security forums and vendor advisory boards. Outside of work, he lives in Calgary with his wife and 2 children, skis, bikes and plays in a band.