Data in the Crosshairs

This session describes the evolution of ransomware, its methods of infection, and ways an organization can protect itself and avoid having to pay a ransom. Forensic analysis of a ransomware infection and its actions on a compromised system will be discussed. Ransomware requires that we reassess our access control, intrusion detection, and backup strategies. In addition, methods of compromising E-commerce web servers and exfiltrating credit card data, as well as techniques to identify CnC communication are covered.


Keynote Speaker: James Antonakos

James L. Antonakos is an Incident Response Consultant for Trustwave and a former SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Broome Community College, in Binghamton, NY. James is an online instructor in electronics, computer science, and information security and has extensive industrial work experience as well in electronic manufacturing for both commercial and military products, particularly in flight control computer technology for Navy aircraft.

James is the author or co-author of over 40 books on computers, networking, electronics, and technology, as well as numerous magazine articles, and has presented multiple webinars for the National Cybersecurity Institute. He is also A+, Network+, and Security+ certified by CompTIA and has been ACE certified in computer forensics by AccessData. James is a frequent presenter at the annual New York State Cybersecurity Conference and has presented at numerous conferences for Trustwave.